ae site update

Sections under maintenance, and Guides page coming soon!

You may notice that there are a couple of sections of the site that aren’t displaying content or don’t perform as you would expect. I’m currently working on these areas and hope to have them live within the next week or so (besides renovating and decorating my living and working spaces too!).

The technical, build and usage guides are currently in development but once they’re complete I will add them to the site. The technical guides will cover some basics on applications and hardware that I frequently use that may be of benefit to others, whilst the build guides will be a little more in-depth and follow a keyboard or PC build from the inception to finished product. User guides will be released alongside products so the first ones available will be the KRKR. UNO and DUO user guides.

Apologies for any broken links too, i’m doing my best to clean them up and keep on top of the housekeeping!

- Ant.