ae site update

Where’s the social media?

I’ve been asked this question a few times already and wanted to put up an update in regards to why the social media links on the page don’t actually link to the expected social media accounts.

The truth is, the Facebook and Instagram pages have not been set up yet as the current focus is ensuring the website is running smoothly. It takes some work to get all three singing and dancing together in harmony and social media accounts can take a lot of time and focus away from other projects, but i’m confident i’ll get there and i’ll be able to provide content on all three platforms at the same time!

My Twitch channel is currently live, but I haven’t updated with fresh content for a few weeks due to the work on the KRKR products and the site. I’m aiming to have a new stream coming soon on a keyboard build, so feel free to follow the channel here to be notified of upcoming feeds! (you can also find the link to the channel in the page footer).

- Ant.